Friday, June 17, 2011

Inhale, exhale

One day at soccer Easton came to get his drink and was wheezing. So the next day we were off to the doctor. We only had an hour and then we would need to run to another soccer game. We explained some of our symptoms to the Dr. and then he listened to his lungs. Easton was put on a breathing treatment. Before the treatment his lungs were working at about 75%, after they jumped to 95%! With just one treatment! So Easton has now been diagnosed with asthma (coughing all the time is a symptom that I didn't know about) We now every morning and every night do both a nose spray and an inhaler. He also needs to do a fast acting inhaler right before any outdoor activity that could trigger his asthma. We already knew he was allergic to every grass and plant imaginable, so pretty much before he goes outside to play or participate in a sport/recess. Easton was not very excited for the treatment, but did say it is a lot easier to breathe after doing it! Yeah for modern medicine.