Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two months worth

Well I have two months worth of pictures and videos to blog about, but my stinkin computer won't upload my pictures. Here is what I need to blog about:
1. For two months we lived the crazy life...Brooke and Addison were in dance, Brooke played softball, Camden and Easton played baseball and Camden Easton and Addison played soccer. This meant some weeks we had 6 ball games and 3 soccer games and 2 dance classes, plus practices. What I learned? yes I know I am crazy and no it will never happen again.
2. Addison graduated from preschool. I loved teaching this year and was sad for it to end!
3. Brooke and Addison both had dance recitals. Addison's costume cost a small fortune, especially since she wore it for all of 5 minutes! What I learned? Addison is changing studios! Oh and she gets to start clogging in September!
4. Easton was baptized! He was very excited. It only took him a few months to finally decide it was ok for his dad to baptize him! Whew, I was starting to get a little worried for Neil!
5. Brooke's clogging group performed at Disneyland. She was amazing! We had a great family vacation! Addison got to meet Tangled and Eugene, the highlight of her trip!
6. I went on 3 field trips this year: two with Addie and one with Easton! Have cute pictures from all 3, just can't share them (so mad at my computer right now!)
7. I realized how bad I am at taking pictures, I only got two from Easter, whats wrong with me?

So I have a bunch of posts to do, and will as soon as I can upload this darn pictures!