Friday, June 17, 2011


Sometimes it is tough being Camden. Most of our friends don't have kids his age (thank heavens for JD!) There aren't any boys in his primary class that go to our school, in fact they both go to charter schools and neither of them are interested in the things Camden is interested in. Camden is also at times a little sensitive and a little bossy. He is just at that hard age and so a lot of the times gets stuck with me while Addison and Easton are playing with friends (which they have a ton of options. I guess everyone I know had kids the same time I had them!) I love spending time with my Cambo. Camden will ask me the most in depth and thought provoking questions. He is a deep thinker and analyzes things. He is getting a little old for the park now, so while the kids play he would prefer to sit and chat with me, which I love! I am praying a new boy will move into the ward and that he will be a perfect fit for Camden. Until them I guess he will keep me on my toes with his deep thoughts. I guess I should of named him Jack Handy!