Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dixie Spectacular

There is a major dance and clogging competition in St. George. People come from all over Utah, Nevada and California to compete. Winners move on to Nationals, which is held at Lagoon. This was Addisons first year with a clogging team and man oh man did they have some Sass in their group! The girls did one dance at the competition, since they have only been clogging for about 6 months. They did fantastic! They got up there and smiled the entire time! Most of the time the girls this age are super shy or smile just a little and then quickly forget, but these girls smiled like crazy! Addison loves clogging with her besties Adilyn, Jordyn and Piper. She also has her friends Maizi and Aylee in her class! There is only one girl in her class that drives everyone nuts! She is just a little wild and is always goofing off. When I asked Addison about the girls Addison said, "she's rude!" Addison's favorite part of clogging is at the end of class when they shuffle back to their moms! Addison's thinks the worst part of clogging in sweating! At competition Addisons group got first place! The team got a trophy and all the girls got individual medals! Not only did they get first place but they also earned the award for best overall, meaning their group was the best group in their category! Great job Addison!