Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ivins Easter Egg hunt

This year Brooke helped spread out the 13,000 eggs at the Ivins Easter egg hunt. Easton refused to hunt! Addison was nervous (there are a ton of people there and they are crazy about it) I was trying to Addie to hunt and so I didn't get to watch Camden (all age groups go at the same time but at different spots). I finally got Easton to take Addie, since parents can't help. She finally agreed to go with Easton walking next to her. I think she ended up with only 5 eggs. I think this will be our last year at the egg hunt! I did get to see my dear friend Jalyn, but I forgot to take a picture! After the hunt we headed over to Eastons baseball game. Addie is starting to get a little burnt out on baseball!