Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The end!

After a lot of prayer and heartache we decided it would be best for Easton to leave his baseball team. For a year he played club ball with the Bears. The team was full of a lot of drama (mostly some of the other moms) and it was becoming difficult for Easton to enjoy the game. Easton felt like it was his responsibility for the team to win and he was very emotional towards the end. For a couple months we had been asking him about leaving but he hated to leave his buddy Bowen. I finally was able to convince him that he would still be able to hang out with Bowen and that leaving would be better for him. After we left we found a new team, the whiptails, with a fantastic coach. I see so much progress and he is learning a ton! It was a hard decision but as soon as we made the decision I felt so much peace. The whole experience reminded me how much I need to rely of prayer. At one point I told Easton to pray about it and see if he would know what he was suppose to do. Easton later came to me and said he had prayed and knew he was suppose to change teams! It was a great learning process for all of us. I sure do miss his old team colors (orange and blue look so good on Easton in pictures) and seeing Bowens parents every week!