Friday, May 30, 2008

whirlwind week

So the past two weeks have been super crazy....I will post pictures later. Camden lost both his front teeth (one while the boys were wrestling, but I must say he could twist it completely around so it was ready) The kids all have played 2 or 3 baseball games, Easton graduated from preschool, Camden graduated from kindergarten, my parents came for a visit, Brooke was in her play and Addison got stitches. My first kid with stitches (proof miracles still happen) Saturday night I was at the store with Brooke and Neil called. I guess the boys were fighting with their swords and got mad at eachother....Neil took one sword and threw it across the room (many hours of fighting boys make a dad lose his patience) admittedly not a good choice on his part. unfortunately Addison was where the sword landed. 5 stitches later we all learned very good lessons! I had to stay home from the deaf branch so that Addison didn't have to go to nursery with lots of big boys and new stitches. We did make it to sacrament meeting and then came home for a nap. So all in all this is where i have been. We just finished our first week of summer vacation. The boys took a cooking class, Brooke and Camden had play practice, two nights of t-ball, a birthday party for a friend, and many more busy plans. Today we are taking it easy and had cooking class and then the kids have been doing slip and slide all afternoon. We are dreading the real heat....the 80's are perfect!


Linz said...

Poor Addi!! Poor Neil!!! I remember Michael crying when he hit Auri in the head with the ceiling fan (yes, you read that right...)

Sorry for the craziness!! I hope the weather doesn't change either!!!!