Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Grade

Easton is a first grader....how can that be. He is a little ticked that I insisted on walking him on the first day. He loves that he can walk the two blocks with the rest of the neighborhood kids. At the end of the first day I asked how it went. His reply "my friends gave me a headache". He has had a little trouble adjusting to being gone all day. Easton is a homebody. He loves to snuggle up and read books with me and Addie. I think he misses his leisurely mornings. Now he has to be up and out where before he could lay around until he was fully awake...and boy does this kid take a long time to be fully awake!

Eastons friend Travis is in his class. He actually had quite a few kids in his class. In the mornings there are only like 15 kids in there (I think 4 more join them in the afternoon) I am loving his teacher and small class size!


Lola said...

So I just realized... are your boys named after places in southeastern PA? (They are all cuties, by the way!)