Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too much praying?

We often find Addie sleeping in odd places. When she decides she is tired she falls asleep...wherever she is. One night I walked past here room...she had been playing with her doll house....and found her like this.

I suppose she was saying her prayers before she went to sleep?!


mckellebmassmemo said...

So cute! I still havent dare'd to put Cord in a real bed, I like him contained in case I'm sleeping and don't here him. We did find all the parts to a bed we were keeping for him so one day i need to bite the bullet and let him be a big boy. I can only imagine the trouble he'll get into while everyone is sleeping.

Valerie said...

ha ha ha that is so cute! She looks adorable sleeping in the "praying" position.

Linz said...

LOL! So cute!!