Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I go to school!

Addie thought for sure she got to go with the boys to school. She insisted on packing a lunch like the big kids on the first day. She carried that little tinkerbell lunch box the entire way to school. When Easton set his backpack down in line, she put hers right next to his. She cried the entire walk home because I wouldn't let her walk into the room with him. Yesterday was her first day of preschool....she is much happier now. Here are the pictures of the her on the first day of school for the boys, because he wanted her "first" day of school pictures taken too. All morning she said to me "I go to school" Dang this girl is cute!


Linz said...

She is cute!!! I am glad she is happy in preschool!

mckellebmassmemo said...

WOW preschool already? Are you all potty trained too? Cord is just not communicating as well as Addie. What a cutie!

Valerie said...

She is so so cute. I bet she is so happy getting to go to school like her brother's and sis. Hey so are you teaching a preschool. I just saw your comment on Amber's.