Thursday, September 10, 2009


Camden has been anxiously awaiting his baptism since he turned 7. Every prayer he has given in the past year has included some reference to his baptism. After a bit of a mix up with dates we had a great baptism day. Family and friends came to support Camden. He looked so cute in his little black suit. Last Sunday he got up and shared his testimony at church. He is a great kid with a great testimony. What a great example for his brother and sisters!

Funny story: Neil put on his blue suit coat with tan pants...they were so big on him...he has lost a bunch of weight in the last year. He went and got out a suit that he hasn't worn for years! Of course this is the night before the baptism and we don't have time to have it cleaned. It is a little dusty from sitting in the closet for so long. What does he do? Not what I would have done. I would have brushed it off and tried a lint brush. Neil comes walking in with a dusted suit and says "wow...the air compressor did a great job" He used a tool in the garage to clean his suit! What a guy thing to do!

(Yes Addison wouldn't look at the camera for any of the pictures!)


Jordan and Heather Hart said...

Hey!! I found your blog through Val's. Anyway, I figured since I didn't live there anyway, this is a way I can keep tab's on you. ;0)
I hope everything is going well for you guys. That's very exciting that your son got baptized!!! I bet you are one proud mother. :0)

MB said...

Oh this is so wonderful!! I wish I could of been there! What a special day!! I love seeing family photos of you guys!! I miss your mom and dad too!! (your mom looks like she hasn't aged in 13 years)

Aww these made me tear up seeing them. What a great day for you guys!! Brooke is already talking about her baptism and shes got 3 year to go and she can't wait. She already prays about it now. Its just too cute.

Love you guys and miss you SOOO much!

Valerie said...

Cam looks so handsome. I am glad the baptism went well, and I love the boys in their new suits. So cute. I had to laugh at Addi not wanting to look at the camera though. Thanks again for you help the other day on the diaper bag, I really really appreciate it! see you sat :)

Linz said...

LOL! The air compressor!!! Too funny!

Congratulations to Camden on his big day! He is such a sweet kid!

mckellebmassmemo said...

Awesome pics! Im sure it was a great day!

trish and derek said...

What cute pictures! You have such an adorable family.

Darleen said...

Yay for Camden! What an awesome choice he made. And cool that he got up to bare his testimony!! Oh...and I see Sister and Brother Upton. Tell them hello.