Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kids in their Halloween costumes

Camden is above in his Anakin costume I made him.(He has the hood down. Easton below in his Obi Won Kenobi costume I made for him. Notice they are the same costume, but with a different name! Last year this costume was Luke. They cloak with many lives! We have a hotel in town that sets up this pumpkin display which is perfect for taking pictures. Brooke is Sharpey from High School Musical II, which I also made. I ran out of steam and ended up buying Addison's costume....but when I saw her's I knew anything I made wouldn't be as cute. She was so adorable we had strangers stop up just to see her costume.


Mary Beth said...

You are 1 cool cat to sew those costumes.

You make awesome cakes too for your kids. You put me to shame. I thought I was crafty. HA!!

Well I finaly got myself a POINT and SHOOT camera.. so I will be able to post alot more CANDID photos of my kids than studio.. I miss taking the candid shots. Those are far cooler than studio shots.

Post more!!!


Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

Yeah! This is great! Well since I didn't have many people to tag that actually had blogs, I tag you! :) Glad to see you online! keep it coming!