Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preparing for Christmas

Last night we went and did Christmas shopping with the kids. Every year we take them to the dollar store and they get to pick out something for everyone in the family. They get so excited to walk up and down the aisle finding the right gift. The great matter what they pick Mom and Dad are not going to say it is too expensive! They love that. Easton tried getting Brooke a toy he would love to play with, but she probably wouldn't. So we said no to that, but other then that they picked very quickly. They also love being sneaky because we are all in the store at the same time. They are very careful that someone else doesn't see what they have picked. It was a lot of fun...and easy on the pocket!


trish and derek said...

We love to do the all-a-dollar tradition too!
It is the best.
I am glad you are blogging too. Maybe this summer we can get together. I still haven't met all of your kids.
love trish