Friday, December 28, 2007

We are finally Home

After being away at my parents house in Reno we are finally home. We had a great time visiting with family! The kids had a great Christmas and loved everything they got! On the long (10 hour) drive home we hit a patch of ice and went sliding (at 75 mph) back and forth on the highway.Luckily there were no other cars in either direction! Neil is such a great driver that he knew just what to do to correct the car. We did swerve 4-5 times. After we were on dry ground and doing ok we hear little Easton from the back yell "Dad...why did you do that!" To know Easton this is just the kind of comment he would say! Then he added "you made me hit my head!" It was the perfect thing to say to break the tension Neil and I were feeling. Fortunately everyone was buckled and we were ok. I did use that moment to tell Easton that is why we wear our seatbelts! Other then that it was an very uneventful drive home with no one crying:) Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I will post pictures that I took with my new camera soon! Right now I am going to enjoy sleeping in my own bed! No matter how good the beds are where ever we go...there is nothing like my own!


MB North said...

HOLY COW!!! That is why I live south east USA!!! NO SNOW NO ICE!!! ACKKK that gives me nightmares thinking about that. I am so glad you are safe

ANNDDD I wanna know what kind of camera you got???