Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stocking Blogs

Well when I find I have a little free time (which doesn't happen often) I like to do what my friend Lindsey calls "stock blogs" I love to see what other bloggers have thought of. Often I look for craft tutorials! Today I found 3 blogs I like. 1. MaryBeth will love "Pretty Peanut Shells". It can be found on They have adorable knitted hats that would be perfect for photos. 2. She had some great tutorials! The best idea was to melt broken crayons and pour into old glue stick tubes. This way her kids didn't break them when they were coloring! 3. This blog gives you a tip a day! Each day is a different fun idea...for example in December she gave a ton of different gift ideas! Had a great time searching...but now I better get my kids to bed and hope for another free night to stock blogs!