Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meet Me

Well to start off my blog I thought I would give a little update about me and my interests. I am a stay at home mom to my 4 busy kids and love it. My current passion is sewing. I have been especially interested in making diaper bags. Luckily I have had a lot of friends having babies...so I have had a good excuse to buy material. I have also been sewing halloween costumes, stockings, quilts and baby items like diaper wipe holders. I enjoy scrapbooking but haven't done much lately. I have two callings at church. I am the enrichment leader and I have a stake calling to interpret at the deaf branch. I love it. I find I learn more each Sunday. Even more I love interpreting at the temple! I am having so much fun teaching Addison to sign. Her current signs are cereal (her favorite word to say), more, eat, ice cream, bath and baby. I love to sing and we have a great ward choir.


Mary Beth said...

YAY!!! A BLOG!!! I love it

If you need help with a header for it, or graphics for it let me know ok??

I am so glad you have a blog. I have one too but it is for business. And I have neglected it a long time. I used to have a personal one but quit that too. Maybe I should start a personal one too. That would be fun?? I love the name sleeplessinstgeorge!!! HAHAH I may have to steal that idea. I mean after all. I stole your 1st born childs name too. HAHAH

Thanks for coming to see me in FL. I can't thank you enough what it did for me emotionally , spiritually and mentally. You taught me SOO much in such a small amount of time. Stuff I have wanted to KNOW about a long time too. I will always have those things along with all the others that remind me of you and why I love you so much.

So if you fall off and dont update this, I promise you, since I am your #1 fan and love you the mostest-est I will bug the living tar out of you to update!!!

Mary Beth

Shandiin said...

What a fun thing! It was fun to see what you are all up to. Sounds like you are very busy sewing. I loved the bags you showed us this summer. I'll have to get your patterns sometime when I have a little time to sew. We're busy. Karston is about 2 1/2 monthes now. He has started sleeping thru the night which is so nice. However, I've had mastitis 4 times since I had him. I'll be done nursing soon if this continues. Cheyenne was talking about Brooke the other day. She made a picture for her, but I'm not sure where it got put. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Shandiin