Friday, October 24, 2008

Answered prayers

So I have been looking for a piano for quite some time. I haven't wanted to spend a lot since we are trying to finish the basement and do the backyard and get grown up furniture and pay for gas! So I have been praying to find a piano. I have searched for months, daily, on craigslist. I had thought I had found one, it turned out not to be full size. I thought I had another one, when I called a person 10 minutes before bought it. Sunday I was talking to my friend Aja about craigslist. I told her I love it and am searching for a piano. She asks me if I want to "babysit" hers while they move to New Zealand for two years. (They are way fun and love to travel. So they are moving there for two years!) I of course said yes. Well last night, in the middle of Easton's puking, she called and asked if I still want it and if she can drop it off tomorrow! I am beyond thrilled. It is an answer to prayers. I don't have to spend any money, so more can go to the basement etc. I get to help out a great friend. Also, Brooke now has a real piano to practice on instead of the full size keyboard she has been using. Boy am I a thankful girl. Sometimes we have prayers answered that change our lives spiritually. We may have questions or doubts or struggles that require answers to prayers. Sometimes it is a silly prayer like, "help me find a piano". While the answer isn't always what we expect (I was thinking I would find a cheap one that someone just wanted to get rid of) But I am reminded today that while the answer isn't what we expect, it is what we need. I am determined to change my prayers to reflect this reminder. Instead of a prayer like "help me find a cheap piano on craigslist" I will now try to have prayers like, "help me find a piano"! Thanks Aja, you're an answer to prayer!


Linz said...

Yea!!!!! I am so happy! What a perfect arrangement! Yea!

Mc Allen said...

awww , and you know God just loves it when we recognize Him in all the little things... What a sweet reminder of His love and grace.. Your blog is precious. Leah

Mary Beth said...

AWESOME Shell. I knew how long you been wanting a piano.

I am so glad yall finally got one.


Jonah and Aja said...

Ha ha. Wish I had brought the piano over BEFORE I read this blog. Anyway, we could bring it tonight after the kids are in bed (if we can borrow your husband...). I am SO happy its going to be watched over in such a good home.