Thursday, October 23, 2008

You are naming her what?

So I have a lot of friends having babies! (man, why am I jealous?) One is naming their baby an odd name. I just politely smiled and held my tongue. I am sure some people don't like what I named my kids and I really believe that people should be able to name their kid whatever they want, unless it will turn out really bad when the nicknames start. Well last night I had a very vivid dream. This happens to me a lot. I always have very bizare dreams. (Like when I dreamt the elderly man in our ward, who is on a mission, got in a cussing brawl with our friend. What is that all about?) So last night I dreamt instead of the name I don't like, they were going to name the baby "Marison Manson" I really though, Ok, someone needs to buck up and tell them that while the name may sound cute, it is really close to two really terrible people. So I said, "You know, that name is very close to sounding like Marilyn Manson" She said, "Oh no, it is Marison, not Marilyn. No one will even connect the two" She then went on her way. So I guess the awful name they picked is much better then what it could be! You have any terrible names that people have used that you knew were awful but didn't say? (Don't mention mine though...hee hee)


Mary Beth said...

I woiuld name a few kids names that are out rageous but- someone may come upon your blog and tell a member of his/her family that their names are really over the top. But I think you know who that person is shell. So I will stay nameless but know there are some crazy names out there- and I worry for that kid getting their butt kicked.