Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Rock Climbing Fun!

Neil had to take a turn climbing the rock wall. He tried the "hard" side and made it up on his first try!

Brooke made it to the top on the "medium" side when I wasn't watching. After that she was determined to do it again so that I could see her do it. If she were just a few inches taller it would have been a breeze, but she kept getting stuck at this one spot. Brooke was persistant and tried maybe 15 times until she got to the top! We were all so proud of her! We had spent the entire morning climbing around on rocks on our hike so I know she had to be tired, which probably didn'thelp make it easier to get up! Way to go Brooke!

Easton also gave it a shot but wasn't loving it as much as Camden and Brooke. I think partly because he was a lot shorter then them, so it was a lot harder!

Brooke taking a turn on the "Easy" side. She scooted right up without any problems!


Mendy said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Hey what websites do you find all your coupons on

Marleen said...

That looks so fun.