Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn maze

We went to the local corn maze with our friends the Loosli's and with our 5th kid Samantha!

We had so much fun. Here is Addie with Silas. Silas and Ollie are twins and so dang cute. Addie fits right in their family with her light hair and curls.

They had these great "horse" tire swings that were attached to one of those systems for horses where it keeps them walking in a circle. (I know real technical terms here)

Instead of using a horse to keep the swings going there was a rope for the dads to get the swing moving. The kids loved it cause of course their dad is crazy and moved them around as fast as he could.

Neil taking a shot at ropin'!

The kids also had a great time seeing all the farm animals. We love this place, except for Neil who complains because the corn maze is really made from sorghum, not corn! Leave it to Neil to know the difference!