Friday, October 10, 2008

more glass bottom boat

There is a big rock where a bunch of sea lions. The boat captain did a great impression of one...they returned his "Mating?" call!

View of the arch from the Pacific Ocean

View from the Pacific Ocean

Everyday there were two or three cruise ships in the sea of Cortez! We now want to try a cruise...they seem like the best of both worlds....relaxing and visiting lots of new places!

We stopped our little boat with a ton of other boats and snorkelers and crushed crackers. We dropped them in the water and a ton of fish popped up! It was neat to see all of them jump out of the water to get some crackers.

I think this is called "hole in the rock"

Scooby Doo Rock!

See the witch face?


Linz said...

COoooooool!! Looks like soo much fun! I'm totally jealous!