Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretend it's Wednesday!

I have a great post that I would love to title "Work's for me Wednesday" but today is Tuesday. So play along, ok? Yesterday I got Addison a new Barbie movie....Fairytopia. She loves Barbie movies and I am hoping that they will be a great potty training incentive! The worst part of getting a movie? All the tape they put around the edges so you can't steal the $5 movie! As I was struggling to get off the tape, you know how stinking hard it is, I look down and on the desk is my seam ripper. Aha....I pick it up and in an instant the tape is off and the movie is ready to be watched. Gotta love a simple seam ripper! Do you have a "work's for me Wednesday" you want to share today?


Linz said...

Great idea!! HAHAHa!