Sunday, April 5, 2009


Addie is in love with anything "Pwincess" In hopes to encourage her to use the potty I bought her this crown at the dollar store. She used the potty in order to get the crown, and then promptly stopped using the potty. She got what she wanted so she was done! I love this Pwincess!


The Price Family said...

Look up Home Decorators Collection for the website.

Neeley said...

Ruby had on a similar crown today. She has three and rotates them! I love this age.

amber said...

Addie is just adorable!
I'm hoping we don't miss the princess stage, Bella would just rather rough play with Samuel.

Linz said...

HAHAHA! Maybe you should make it her potty crown - she can only wear it on the potty!?!

Whatever, she is just so cute!

Anonymous said...

She is so dang cute you just can't begrudge her smart little thinking to get exactly what she wanted! :)

PS I am anxiously awaiting my modbe pckg. I hope it comes soon! N