Monday, April 27, 2009

It happened in the car!

Do you have days that are so crazy, and you are running so late, and on the way out the door you notice that you or your child have something on their a little jelly from their pb/j or chocolate. Now you have a you take the time to change her shirt, shoes and bows so that she matches, or do you go out the door with the little stain. You know if you change you will be late. Have you ever thought to yourself...."if anyone notices I'll say it happened in the car on the way here" then run out the door content knowing that yes there is a stain, but you have a totally believable excuse!


Linz said...


Linz said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for offering to watch the kids while I run! I appreciate it so much, but I have it all covered! You are such a great friend! (I may ask you to watch them sometime soon so I can go to the temple, though!) =D

trish and derek said...

I so think that--especially when one of them poop right on the way out the door to the gym. I just say that "I think" they must have done it in the car :)