Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lucky Girl!

After 14 months, and before finishing the 5th grade, Brooke got her braces off! How lucky can a girl get. Her teeth look great. This is her fantastic ortho. Dr. Beckstrom (he went to dental school with my friend from high school, isn't that crazy)

Brooke was so good about following the ortho's instructions. She stayed away from a lot of her favorite things, popcorn and caramel! She didn't break one bracket so we celebrated with a popcorn party!

We rented bedtime stories and made a bunch of yummy popcorn's and had a great time with her bff Brianna.

We had lime, orange and strawberry popcorn. We also had peanut butter and traditional butter popcorn. Yummy! Now lets just hope she doesn't lose her retainer ($150 to replace that puppy)


mckellebmassmemo said...

Way to go Brooke!!! I wish we were done. Brianna is ready to get started (as soon as our insurance kicks in)