Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun, Fun on the Farm!

We went with Easton's class to the farm across the street from his school. The kids loved it!

The farmer there cracks me up...each time we have gone he tells these little 5 and 6 year olds about interesting things like: global economy or the dead calf that is in the pasture.

Being there makes me miss Neil farming, then the farmer started telling the kids all about the schedule he keeps and I stopped missing it.

The kids loved these little piglets. The farmer picked one up for the kids to pet and boy did the piglet and the momma squeal about that.

Poor Easton had a terrible time on the farm. His eyes got redder and itchier the longer we were there. When we left I checked him out of school and got him home to take some benedryl. I called that day for an appointment with the allergist and the next week we learned that not only is he allergic to hay, but like every grass or tree imaginable, except pine trees! No wonder he was having a hard time!

Addie loves to go to Easton's class. She especially liked going to the farm and has asked about everyday since if she can go to the farm. I tell her it's closed!

I had to add this picture because you can sort of see the wonderful haircut Addie gave herself...her bangs are not that short, normally! Don't you love her combover!


Darleen said...

Addie is so cute! With all that curly blonde hair. Glad to hear Easton just has allergies. When I was first reading it I thought you were going to say he got the swine flu. Maybe because there is a picture of those cute little pigs. Love going to the farm.

Linz said...

Nice hair Addie!! And the farm outting looks like fun!

Mendy said...

Oh no she cut them again???? Hey I have been trying to call you I don't know if i have the wrong number but it goes to a fax!!! But I hope you got my text the next available now will be April 16 hope that is ok let me know!!!!

amber said...

Bella tried to cut my hair the other day but so far she hasn't tried to cut her own. I'm just hoping the idea doesn't cross her mind anytime soon! Addie's so cute even with the new hair cut.

shane cox said...

That looks like so much fun. I always wanted to take the kids to that farm, I guess I will have to wait till Gavin goes to school.


Laurel Stimpson said...

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trish and derek said...

She must be related to Rachel :) Actually I recently cut my own bangs too and really botched it. Luckily we went to UT last week and Rachel fixed me up.