Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sewing for sweet Ivy!

I spent many hours working on a blessing dress for my hairdresser/friend's baby girl Ivy. This is sweet Ivy and her big brother Wrigley (he is the smartest/cutest thing).

I got the fabric at an heirloom sewing shop in Provo. I could spend an entire day in that shop! I got this amazing silk that was a dream to sew...except it frayed like CRAZY!

Mendy and I spent a long time at the fabric store picking out the right trim. Let me tell you that St. George needs an heirloom fabric store...JoAnn's just doesn't cut it. We got the best they had. I think it ended up being beautiful trim!

I fell in love with this dress. Mendy found a dress online and told me that was what she wanted. I ended up making up the pattern....and boy did that make my sewing brain think (which it loves to do)

I felt honored to sew such an important dress for such a special little girl. I can't wait to do another one. Who's next? Mendy? Lindz? Me? (Nope...Neil would have a heart attack!)