Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost famous!

Back in 2008 we were in a commercial. It was for Neils recycling program. I have since lost oh...about 30 pounds. Can we do a reshoot? The kids look so young! My biggest complaint? Why do they have so many bum shots of me!?

Oh...and that isn't our house. Fake house...fake 4 wheeler in the driveway! Real cute kids. Real car. Real cute husband!


Linz said...

I saw that ON TV!! I was way excited! =D

Doty Family said...

I didn't know that. Woohoo, I know someone famous. Can I have your autograph??? :)

Kristy Lou said...

Boy, you have been a very busy blogger! You have officially put me to shame!! I was excited I had done a post on each one of mine... after way too long... and here you come with a whole bunch, you over-achiever you. ;) After your description I kept waiting for these horrible butt shots to come, and they never did. I think you are much too critical of yourself. All I saw was a cute family recycling... and I love recycling. I thought it was an A+.