Saturday, May 29, 2010

18 months?!

Today I finally took the 18 month shorts out of Addie's drawer. They still fit her....just a little daisy duke on her. Maybe this will help her to stop climbing into the car through the window! I suppose it is time to give up this size....she is 2 1/2 months away from being 4. What about the 24 month shorts you ask? Some of them are still in the drawer. If she wears 24 month shorts I don't have to roll them like I do with 3T. Her "boyfriend" Tyson was so sad that she isn't going to kindergarten with him next year. He said to her, "well if you would just grow Addie you would be able to go with me" Neil's grandpa is VERY comes to my maybe she has his height. That's ok with me. I know she is eating healthy. On Wednesday she had beans for breakfast and lunch. Her favorites are black beans, but garbonzo or great northerns will work too! She would prefer to have beans over a McDonalds happy meal! YEAH! Now I just need to convince the other kids to love beans!


Linz said...

She is such a petite little cutie! Congrats on giving up the 18 month shorts!

Shane and Alissa said...

I wish Kennedy was more like Addie, it would save us some money.... plus get us more hand me downs :)

Darleen said...

Yeah I hear ya! I pulled out 24 month pajama shorts out of Stella's drawer. They still fit her but I told her it REALLY was time to pack them away. She's almost 6!