Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Shower!

Twilight Edition! (All my friends in SG have posted this...months ago...but friend out of state haven't seen this!

We had a surprise baby shower for Alissa and Valerie. We held it the night that New Moon came out on DVD. They thought they were coming to watch the movie. Here is Alissa's confused/surprised look when we yelled "Surprise". We then had to tell her it was a baby shower!

Valerie gave us the same just can't see it in the shadow!

So she pretended to be surprised for another picture!

My friend Brady did these amazing cupcakes. She made the toppers and used "Forks" to stick them in the cupcakes. (The people in the book live in Forks Washington for all of you out of the loop!)

Liz and Kristen made this amazing salad bar spread. Wowzers it was yummy. Can I also add that I LOVE Craisins on salad! (But I don't love them plain)

The decorations were perfect for the theme!

I went online and found this great templete to download. The juice was yummy!

How sad is it that I only got pictures of two of the party guests? Suzi and Kellie! I didn't even get a picture of Lindz, Liz and Kristen. They worked hard planning the party!

Alissa opening gifts!

The guest of honor. They were suppose to be induced on the same day...but Val was induced early. Alissa had an adorable little boy named Ryker. Val had an adorable little girl (with tons of hair. She reminds me of Brooke) She named her Renesmee.

JUST KIDDING...she named her Adeline Lilly! It was a fun night!


Kristy Lou said...

LOL. You got some cute pictures I might have to steal. I think your drinks and cup-cakes were my favorite stuff... very fun, and super yummy too!!