Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sob...I am so sorry!

One night Neil and I went on a date. Lindz called and asked if Brooke was busy cause they wanted to go out. Brooke was busy, but we had the neighbor girl coming to send your kids on over. Two hours later I get a phone call...and Sam (the sitter) is crying. She just kept saying she was so sorry. I finally got out of her what happened. She was going to paint the girls nails. Andrew wanted to also. So he managed to pry open his own bottle of polish. So we get this:

Lessons we learned:
1. My friend's husband is the best carpet cleaner in the world. I was going to post an after picture...but I can't find the spot. It took him like 10 minutes to get it up! If you need your carpets done let me know! He is FABULOUS!
2. Sam will never paint nails inside again!
3. Andrew has brute force! He can and will open anything! It's a good thing he is so dang cute and I love him to death!
4. The carpet guy said if you are going to put polish on carpet you should do it the same way Andrew did. He dumped it! He didn't fling it. He said normally if falls off of it goes flying. This results in lots of little spots. Andrew was kind enough to dump...which makes it much quicker to clean up! So...ummm...thanks Andrew!?!


Linz said...

heh, heh... sigh. **sheepish grin** Um... so sorry about that!