Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feel great in 08

Well as some of you know Neil and I are going to get healthy in 08. Saturday we got our new elliptical and Neil set it up. It is a really nice machine...hey I can even plug in Brooke's IPOD to it if I want to listen to high school musical. Monday morning when I worked out on it I had to quit earlier then I would have liked to because I was exhausted. I come upstairs and Neil can see I am a wimp and say's "what level did you have it on, did you adjust the tension?" I am shocked because Neil never told me I could make it easier on myself! I am not as wimpy as I thought....just don't have to work out on the hardest level the machine has! Last night we went to our friends house for a New Years party. We played King and Scum. A card game similar to rook. There were ten of us playing and I was the King for most of the game (which means I was winning)!. We had lots of yummy food including the swedish meatballs I made! I even tried Phil's salmon. I was once again reminded I do not like seafood, no matter how many times I try it or how many different way's it is cooked. We went over to the bishop's house for about an hour. He was having a party for all the young men and young women. Neil is the teacher's quorum leader. The kids played guitar hero, monopoly and swam in the pool. They heated it for the party and it was up to 90*. We had a great time, but the kids got sleepy at 11:30 so we drove home and said happy new year to eachother in the car. No bells and whistles and fireworks....just a oh yeah....happy new year! But we had a great night and loved spending time with all our great friends. Happy new year! Here's to a new year, new elliptical and to feeling great in 08!


Lindsay Dunn said...

Here's to getting healthy! Mike and I are working on that too! Yea!

Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

I loved that you were on the highest setting. Cracks me up. Thanks for the good laugh.