Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brookie Doo

With Brooke off at school, practice, lessons and friends, I think she gets the shaft when it comes to being recognized at the blog. She just isn't here all the time to say all the cute things that she use to say. Some days I hardly see she goes to play practice after school until 6:15, and then at 6:30 we have Camden's last basketball game. This is a picture of Brooke's almost first love! She'll die if she knew I said that. This is our great friend Duncan. He is now Elder Hutchings. But Brooke thinks he is so amazing...well I guess we all do. But Duncan is such a great kid that he always makes sure that he took the time to single out Brooke and see how she was doing. Let me tell you a little about Brooke:

1. She is super friends can't believe how much she does to help with her brothers and sister. When she was in sunbeams the Primary president looked into the class and Brooke was sitting knee to knee with the teacher while all the other kids ran around being crazy. She came home and said, "they just don't act very appropriate"!

2. She is a great first grade she was at a fourth grade level....and it has just grown from there

3. She plays the violin...and although she doesn't like to practice, she is doing great...just ask her great teacher Lindsey!

4. She can't wait to be old enough to babysit

5. She loves musicals...favorites are Sound of Music and Seven brides for seven brothers

6. Has such a great spirit...I am so bless that she was sent to our home. She knows what is right and wrong...and makes the right choices

7. She performed at Disneyland with her clogging group when she was in the 1st grade

8. She has an infectious giggle...especially when she is teasing her dad!

9. She talks our ears off at home, but leave the house and she is super quiet....even around friends we are with all the time! She is such an observer (something she didn't get from her mom)

Just a little about my sweet Brooke....what a great much more I could tell you, but I'll leave it at this: you should all want to have a girl like her!


Linz said...

I LOVE BROOKE!!!! She is my favorite! =D I can't wait for her to be baby-sitter age too! Yea!

MB said...

Aww this post made me cry!!! I haven't seen Brooke since she was less than 2!! Wish we lived closer, I feel like I got to miss out on all these great things she does!!! This is very sweet post Shell!! Save it for her one day. She will love it!!

XOXOXO Hey maybe some of the sweetness of your Brooke will Rub off on my Brooke. (Since I borrowed the name, maybe I can borrow the rest of her too)