Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soul Art

My beautiful niece has a new website. Jessi is 4 and adorable. She was diagnosed about 2 years ago with autism. I love seeing her when we visit Reno. She loves for me to sign to her and work with her on numbers and letters! This year she has discovered painting. This website is dedicated to her artwork! Take a look!



Linz said...

Holy cow, Shelley!! Looking at her beautiful art about made me cry! She is beautiful and talented! Thanks for sharing!

MB North said...

I love these photos. Your brother is so good to do this for her!! And to let her express herself thru art. That is fabulous.

What a special little girl!!! Thanks for sharing the link. I have gone back a few times since you gave it to me!!

Ben said...

I teared up too. I wish they could figure out autism and cure it. I really like the vibrant colors she uses. Very nice. She's a cutie.