Monday, February 25, 2008

Newborn Wrap

Found these wraps and thought of MaryBeth and her photo's. Just love the colors and makes me hungry to wrap up another little baby of my own....but I will just have to covet other babies. Check them out at


Linz said...

That is cute. But it still doesn't make me want more babies of my own!! =D

MB said...

You need to make some stuff like this seriously. You start a blog selling stuff for photographers, hats, wrapp whatever.. i will do some serious name dropping and get you some biz. Thats only if you want to be swamped doing that. or even your mom!!

This is all too cute!!!

Yeah I agree, no more babies for me!!

mckellebmassmemo said...

I would love to hold a newborn again and if another one came (which isn't possible) I wouldn't be too upset. Maybe someday I'll transfer to working with babies to satisify that hunger. That way I won't have to take care of them all the time and still get to sleep.