Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a week it's been

Thursday: I woke up to an ordinary day...until the kids ran it to say happy birthday and give me presents. I got a computer program I have been wanting. I spent my morning in my usual routine...cleaning up after kids, entertaining kids, feeding kids, bathing kids and getting kids off to school. As we were pulling out of the driveway I looked behind me and my parents had just pulled up. I wasn't expecting them until that night. They hopped in the car, we dropped off kids at school and ran to meet Neil for lunch. The rest of the day was taking Brooke to play practice and Camden to his basketball game.
Friday: More of the same. Although we must have gone somewhere and done something...but my days run together.
Saturday: Spent most of the day at the temple. Had to go interpret for 2 sessions...that means about 7hours in the temple! Man was my brain tired from all that thinking and interpreting. One of the many plusses, there is a new video for the deaf in the temple (so I don't have to interpret the entire time I am there, the temple uses a video of a man signing). The video is improved with more them one interpreter! One of the interpreters is the branch president for the deaf branch. It was exciting to see him!
Sunday: church and too much choir
Monday: Went with mom and dad and looked at open houses. Too cheap to pay for the parade of homes, (12 bucks a ticket) and these homes are just as beautiful with no one else in the house with us! We saw some beautiful homes, prices are going down, and I am trying to talk mom and dad into buying one here. Hopefully a condo with a pool in the neighborhood, so we can use it, but not have to worry about the expense!
Today: have my sewing class, clean, clean, clean, 3 big kids go to school so maybe some errands...need to get my nephew his birthday present!
To top this all off I have too many callings with too much to do.

Maybe my next post will be more substance and less lists of what I had to do...I noticed I haven't been posting as much fun stuff. Just on brain overload and squeaking by throughout the days!

On a side note, I still don't have neighbors living in the McKellebs house. We saw a furniture truck there for an hour (from a furniture store), and a truck stayed the night....but that was a few weeks ago and we still haven't seen any action at the end of the street. Maybe they are waiting for the McKellebs to come back and move right back in. We can only dream!


Linz said...

Busy week! Hope your b-day was wonderful!

Hey, as far as neighbors go - the house next to us has been empty for almost 3 years now. Noone has ever lived in it!! Boo!

Mary Beth said...

Same here with the house next to us. It still hasn't sold and renters go in and out like ebb and tide. Crazy!! Last ones, we had police at the door asking where my neighbors friend was, since he didnt show up for parole. HELLO!! This is a nice middle class neighborhood. I hate rental homes. you get in some dirt bags sometimes. I wish it would sell to a nice family!

I miss you. MISSS YOU GIRL!!!

Hey did you see the video of Brooke?? She won't stop talking about going to Shelleys house in 2009. She wants to go on the plane NOW!!! She has never been but she describes it like she does. Where she will sit etc. Its too funny.

But Chad is NOT taking his 2 weeks vacation once it restarts the new schedule in August. He is saving it all for Feb/March 2009!! We will take 2 full weeks or so. If we are going, we are going big!! Planning to hit. Phoenix, Vegas and St George of course. With a stop at the grand canyons!! I dunno how much driving that is but thats the plans. SO I am getting all to excited. And girl.. lets go to the temple!! I would love to go with you and neil and chad in Feb!! And I CAN then!! YES! I want to try to go to as many if Possible while I am out. I got years to catch up on!!


Linz said...


Go here!


You're welcome!

mckellebmassmemo said...

Keep us posted on the house situation. I really hope that once they move in they are nice and we didn't leave cranky people in the cul-de-sac.