Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time to breath

Well this week has been so crazy that I have hardly had a moment to sit! Yesterday I took a break from the craziness for just a few hours and went with some friends for pedi/mani's! It was so great to giggle with friends without any kids yelling at me (like Easton is right now...he wants me to carry him from his bed to the kitchen table for breakfast). It wasn't the best pedicure I have ever had, but it was at the Paul Mitchell school and was cheap...but it was still nice for someone to pamper me for a bit. I also took Brooke and her friend shopping last night. I love taking her out for alone time. She always opens up to me about her life and gives me details she would never discuss around her dad! Nothing exciting to report...just had a great time with my friends....and I am sure the technicians will never forget the three silly girls that giggled for two hours!


Linz said...

HAHAHA! SO true! They will never forget us!! I had such a fun time with ya!! we need to do it again!

trish and derek said...

I love getting my nails done. It is the best escape from the real world ever! BTW, the pic of your kids is so cute! love trish

The Price Family said...

I don't know how you found our blog, but I'm glad you did!