Sunday, May 4, 2008

At a yard sale?

We were shocked to find something of value at a yard sale...this is our big find. The costco bounce house waterslide. It is a year old, but the lady's husband had to have this years new model! The kinds spent like four hours on it yesterday!
I always forget that I haven't figured out how to turn pictures on in here is a tip, turn your head sideways and it looks better!
We ended up having about 5 neighbor kids join in on the fun!

Brooke Cam and our neighbor Samantha!


Mary Beth said...

WOAH that looks like alot of fun. What a deal to get it at a yard sale. I want that deal hee hee

Linz said...

DUDE!!!! How awesome!!

mckellebmassmemo said...

I'm jealous. We'll bring our swim suits with us the end of June :) did it come with a pump, or did you have to blow it up? (hahaha)

Marleen said...

That is so cool. What a great find. Lucky you guys.