Friday, May 2, 2008

Cleaning the sewing room!

I had some leftover fabric from the diaper bag, so I decided to make a wipes/diaper case. It holds 2-3 diapers and the box of wipes. I don't have the diapers all the way in the case in the picture above. It then Velcro's shut! I put that in with the diaper bag for a great little gift!

It was so quick and easy that I made 4 more with fabric I had leftover from other projects. I just hate leftover fabric, can't stand to throw it away! I made two of the blue ones, another red red one, and the black toile! I put the blue one in a diaper bag I made for my other friend out of matching material! So the three in this picture are all either going in my box of gifts to give away or they are for sell. If anyone want one I will sell them for $7! If you buy a diaper bag they will only be $5, and if you want me to make one with different fabric they will be $7 if you supply the fabric, or $10 if I supply the fabric! These are $7 just cause I already had the fabric, it was scrap fabric and I was just playing around to get my sewing room cleaned out a bit!

I also ended up making some taggie blankets. Little 12x12 blankets with different ribbons on them. Kids love the textures. Here is the back of one.....
and here is the a yummy little shade of purple. The fabric is oh so soft!
I did another in this backing with a front in a yummy yellow! Again used scrap fabric. The cost for these will be $15 for me to sew when I purchase the fabric, $10 if you supply the fabric, and these two shown here are $7, again because it was scrap fabric I had that I wanted to use up! And if you want me to show you how to make any of these let me know! They were super easy!


Mary Beth said...

way way too talented my friend.

hey can you take a photo of your sewing room?? that sounds like fun to have a room to spread out and sew in!!!

(where is that photo of addies dress?) hee hee

Linz said...

Cute cute cute! That is a really great gift! I know I love the bag you made me!!!

I wish I had a sewing room too. Right now it is my dining table (sad face) =D

Marleen said...

Have you ever thought of opening up your own etsy shop? It is free to have one open you should check it out. I've made two of those tag chew blankies and I love them. My daughter loves them too. You are amazingly talented. I wish I could just whip up some great gifts like that.