Monday, May 5, 2008

camdens room update keep in mind I still haven't had a chance to have Neil show me how to rotate this this is the view as you come into Camdens room...It is a picture of three vintage tractors...behind this will is his closet.
Again imagine turned...these are the cutouts in his wall for his tractor collection and the fry pan? Neils Grandpa made a clock with it and the picture on it is an old tractor! You can also see part of his shelves in his closet...we haven't gotten closet doors, trim, carpet or blinds/curtains/drapes! It's an ongoing process
View from his door...Camden has a tiny was suppose to be my sewing room...but Easton wanted his room downstairs with the big Camden chose the small Cowboy room over the big baseball room...and I got a big sewing room upstairs!
View of his bed and dresser!

You can see the faux finish on the wall...totally looks suede but it isn't and the chair molding is really rope! I will also explain the carpet situation. We moved in to this house with the basement unfinished....but we have now finished the three bedrooms and the bathroom....we are waiting to get carpet when the entire basement is finished so that it all matches and flows. So for now we have leftover carpet from upstairs and remnants in the basement. I decided I wanted grass out back before new we enjoy the stuff we have for now! Also to come on the wall with his bed and dresser we are going to try to write a word with the buckaroo or something...let me know if you have any great ideas to decorate either room (Kimberly....this means especially you since this is what you went to school for)!


Marleen said...

I love that real rope you used. Such great ideas you have. I might have to use some of them.

Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

Very nice job! I like the rope idea too! What fun!


Linz said...

YEEEHAAWW!!!!! I love how the paint turned out! It looks wonderful! The rope is way cool! And I do like the idea of writting out a work! Maybe "Cowboy up" (That might be too long!) Anyway, nice job!!!

The Price Family said...

The rooms are looking cute! I rotate my pictures in Windows Picture and Fax viewer before I post.