Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do the Hand Jive Baby

Brooke was in the children's production of "Grease, Jr." which was a clean version of Grease with a good moral message. Brooke did a fantastic job as the head Rydell student. She had the very first line in the play!
Our bishop's daughter, Caroline, was crazy Mrs. McGee (the principle/secretary that plays the xylophone before she gives the announcements!
Here is Brooke with the other Rydell students (Sandy in yellow) and Eugene the school nerd!
Beauty school drop out fairy! Had tutu and wings on. Had a great time singing to her friend Callie (as frenchie).
Brooke did a great job and is becoming less shy with each production. She just looked like she was having a great time in this production (last one she looked a little nervous)! We can't wait for the next show, Little Rascals, in which Camden will join her!


Linz said...

Yea Brooke!! What a cute gal! Congrats!!

Marleen said...

Good job Brooke. You look like a natural.

Darleen said...

It sounds like you have a little actress on your hand.

mckellebmassmemo said...

She has come so far! Way to go Brooke!!

Noelle said...

What fun! You must be so proud! Way to go Brooke!Love-N