Friday, May 2, 2008

Soccer Season has come to an end

Camden played his last soccer game and had a great time! It was such an exciting game....even the ref. said it was the best game of the season! Both teams were equally matched, so it was a nail biter! Camden had such a great game. At half time Neil heard the other teams parents talking and one dad said, "our boys sure are playing defense well, cause that number 1 is amazing, and our boys are stopping quite a few of his goals!" Neil was so proud, cause number 1 is our boy!
The day before Camden played and scored 4 goals...he was so excited that he told me the next game he wanted to score 5 goals! On the way home from that game he also told me "the first half we were losing, but I got my head in the game and thats how we won!" (he scored the only goals our team scored) In this picture the lady in the brown pants is Paige, she and I will be coaching t-ball for Easton and Camdens team and her boy Haydens team! She was the coach for the red soccer team!
The entire game was back and forth. First they scored, then Camden would score! It was very exciting. Ben, to the right of Camden, is a great defender. He is really good about getting the ball out of the goal box and getting it to Camden. It was great to see them work together (cause most of the time at this age they just follow the ball like a pack and kick at the ball, most of the time kicking it away from their own teammate)

Bens cousins, Jake and Isaac, were also on our team. Man can they kick hard! If you give them the opportunity they will kick it clear across the field. Both of them had never played soccer before, so they are still learning and will end up being great soccer players! They are also both very aggressive!

Jake gets a scoop of ice cream for every goal he scores. His mom asked me what Camden got. I said "whoo hoo, way to go Camden!" and did two thumbs up! I thought the goal itself was the reward! He thinks it is. When he scores he throws both hads into the air and then walks back down the field with the cutes little grin on his face! Here he is after one of his goals do exactly that! Wish I could have gotten a better shot of his face!

So at half time we wer tied, I think! We started again and of course they would score and then we would score! I knew it was getting to the end of the game and Camden had only scored 4 of his 5 goals he wanted. Next thing I know he does it! He scores his 5th goal, which puts us ahead by one point! The boys get in position for the kickoff and we hear "40 seconds". They kick dribbles down towards our goal, kick, and miss the goal by maybe 6 inches...the whistles blows and the game is over. We win 5-4! And again, Camden scored every goal of the game! With the help of good defenders and Camdens good friend Justice as a great goalie!

Brooke played her last game a week ago. She was a little disappointed that her team lost every game, but I must say that her coach, although nice, didn't do a lot of coaching. Brooke made hugh improvements over the season and ended up being a very aggressive player. Even though they didn't win she had fun and wants to play again next year!


Linz said...

Woot woot! Way to go Camden!!!!