Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 3...a little less bored

So Thursday was day 3...and the jogging was a little less boring...thanks to "The Family Feud". I put off exercising all day because I was busy with the kids and waited until Neil was home to help out. This meant I was on the machine at 5:30. I had no idea that The Family Feud was on at this time because I am normally making dinner at this time (we had crockpot no last minute cooking for me then). It really helped to watch all the dumb answers people gave and the correct ones they didn't give. So next time you have to it while you watch a cheesy game show!


Mendy said...

Oh I totally need to do that to I have been debating when to run because it is so dang hot out side but I need to get my but into shape so I will use you as inspiration.