Monday, July 7, 2008


We have hit a few milestones at our house...
1. Addison now wakes up and doesn't cry....she now calls "Mommy" and if mommy doesn't come fast enough she calls "Camden" and some times "Easton"....very rarely does she call for Daddy for Brooke
2. We have finished our last camp for the summer for the kids....sewing, summer school, science, art, cooking. Boy are we exhausted.
3. Easton asked to share his testimony yesterday....while I was home sick. Neil said he stood up and said "I'm going". Neil asked where. Easton told him to the microphone. Neil asked him what he was going to say. Easton turned to Brooke and asked her what he was going to say! Neil said he marched up to the microphone...took a hold of it...looked around...then asked Neil what to the end Neil told him to say "I would like to share my testimony" and Easton took it from there and did a great job! And I missed in:(
It is fun to see the growth of my kids and see them have any great milestones in you house?


Marleen said...

I'm waiting for the milestone of my baby to sleep through the night most every night. Other than that my oldest is starting to sound out words and it has been so fun to see her little mind work out words. It is so great that you are recording these milestones. Great idea.

Linz said...

Oh, his testimony was SOOOO sweet! He did a wonderful job! And I felt lucky to witness the pre-going up conversation too. It was cute! Way to go Easton! Sorry you were sick!! And sorry I didn't get a chance to call you about yesterday. We ended up needing to assist Michael's parents set up new electronics. I came home at 7:30 - Michael was trapped until almost 10!! Sorry we didn't make it! hope you had fun!