Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's only Tuesday

Once in a while I will have a great moment with my kids and think to myself, "I'm doing an o.k. job with my kids, teaching them the things they need to know, being a fun mom that teaches with games and activities and helping them become the person I know they can be". Then there are days like today....days I wonder what in the world did I do wrong. For the past week or two we have a noticed a pattern with one of our kids. A pattern of consistent lying. Silly lies, Small lies, but still....they are lies. We have tried telling the story of Peter and the wolf. We have tried reasoning, we have taken away toys and playing with friends. We have tried to get him to understand that he is not choosing the right, and that lying is a sin. I am at a loss. For example: go help clean up the mess you made in your brothers room...I know the two of you made that mess together so you can clean it up together. He returns two minutes later....saying his brother wants him to clean it up himself. (At least come up with a lie I can believe. I know his brother is the last person in our family to want to do a chore by himself.) Example 2: Can I play with Brooke's DS....she told me I could play with it at 9:30. I knew Brooke would not put a time frame on something like that. So I said, "I want you to ask me that again, but before you do I want you to think. I want you to remember that we have been talking about being honest. I want you to think about if that is the truth, and if it is the trust, ask me again. If it isn't the truth I want you to ask me a different question" He asks me again, the same question. I probe a little more and finally say "did Brooke even say you could play with it" to which he replies, "oops, I forgot, she didn't" I gave him every opportunity to fully tell the truth, even gave him a reminder, and yet he lied. I am so frustrated. Frustrated that he is lying and frustrated that I can't seem to help him. When I ask why he is lying he says he just forgets not to. So today I am listening to songs that sooth my soul...songs like "I know that My Redeemer Lives". I am also reminding my self that although it is only Tuesday....Sunday will come!


Mary Beth said...

AWWW.. I read this and I know exactly how you are feeling. In fact when you talked about giving him that 2nd chance and he didnt take it. I have been there done that!! My son did the same exact thing. Even a little bit after his Baptism but then it just stopped one day. He still tries to tell little white lies but not all the time and on a constant basis. I was just in your shoes about 9-10 months ago. I wonder if it is a phase?? One not only to teach him but to teach us as mothers.. to endure thru this.. cuz this is only the begining? And for us to learn from it too.

Yes.. Sunday will come!! I love to listen to Micheal Mcleans song called "Which part is mine?" That song I love on days like this.. I have to listen to it.. to keep myself in perspective as a mom.

Hang in there!!!


EarlGirl said...

Oh, I HATE days like that! I had one last week where I felt like the only thing I did all day was referee fights! These are the days chocolate and chick flicks were made for.