Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am in for trouble

Camden on Sunday had a new teacher. Although he loved loved loved his old teacher he liked the new one. He said he liked the new teacher better because the new teacher didn't even really teach! HA! (The new teachers are team teachers and the one that was suppose to teach had a filling fall out 1/2 hour before church, so they got an unplanned lesson) Here were some of the comments from the new teacher: Camden informed him he could wait to go to the bathroom for 3 whole hours. Camden also was asked a question to which he replied, "I will give you 3 answers. Only one will be correct, you guess which one" What? Who does that? I think the teachers are going to have a great time with this class. One other child raised his/her hand and said, "my mom has a friend with only one ear, the other side is just a hole". I guess they haven't quite learned at the age of 6 to only think about the topic (this week was sharing) and only comment on that subject. Let's all pray that Camden's teachers survive....and let's hope that I survive his teenage years.


Linz said...

HAHAHA! I'll give three answers!! You are in trouble! May I paint the following picture:
You: Camden, why were you out so late?
C: I'll give you three reasons, whichever one you like best, we'll go with that one.


Shelly said...

That's too funny about the -I will give you three answers guess which one is right-response. :)

Talk with Ben about the ASL class. He sent you an email regarding it.

Angela said...

Hey guys! Wow, you can tell I check my blogger account a lot. It is so nice to hear from ya'll! How is southern Utah? Yes, we were in Utah for a bit, but moved back up to Washington for a job. My email is

let's talk!


EarlGirl said...

Oh, that was classic! That was great. I have a kid that in sunbeams had a little had out that said "I am grateful for my nose and mouth" I shuddered when I saw that instead of a cute face, he'd drawn a vampire with scary eyes, fangs and blood. Yeah, he was three.