Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maybe, oh maybe

We might just have a girl interested in the potty! For months Addie has loved to sit on the potty....and do nothing. She loves her Dora undies, loves to put them on, and doesn't mind wetting in them either! For the past few days she come to me without her diaper on but with a new one in her hand. Each time she wets her diaper she takes it off! So I know that the awareness is there. Today she has sat on the potty about 6 times (it is only 9:30 am). Easton took her potty one time (I hate to go in there every 5 minutes when I know she will just hop up, sit down, then hop up and get down) and said she actually went potty! So far she hasn't wet her little there is hope this might actually be it! Brooke potty trained herself at about 20 months....she started crying one day saying she was going to go potty in her diaper. The boys took forever....they were both 3. I can't imagine another year of diapers with Addie. She turns 2 next month, so I know she is still young, but I can always dream of being done with diapers can't I? Well I am off to the potty again!


Linz said...

Fingers crossed!! For me, potty training is worse then labor... But it's nice when it's done!!! Yea for Addie!!!!

Bailey said...

Good luck I know boys take longer but Kooper is 2.5 and I am ready to be done with diapers but dread potty training. I honestly have no idea the good area to live her. We live by the hospital and it is a great newer area. I have also heard Fiddler Canyon was pretty nice.

Neeley said...

I haven't changed a diaper in quite awhile, can't say I miss at all. Good Luck!