Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Saturday night after Neil and I went to the temple we stopped at Smith's to get bread for sacrament meeting. We were in the slowest line ever and I quickly realized why. I heard the cashier say, "How do you spell cereal". Then she grabbed a box of cereal off the conveyor belt and look to see how to spell it. She put down the box and then started texting! There was a forever line and she is texting?! I say semi-loud, "she's texting?" She quickly shuts the phone and goes back to checking. All I could think was....seriously? What other inappropriate places have you seen people on their cell phones?


Linz said...

I have a real problem with texting. Sure, it's easy and fun, but it is WAY out of hand. I see it everywhere, but to have a checker texting while there is a line???? WHat is this world coming to?

EarlGirl said...

Sunday, a laurel visited my beehive class, and while I was teaching, kept picking up the phone and texting someone. Very rude.

Darleen said...

People and their technology!! I see people texting at the gym all the time! I mean come on! I don't understand why they can't give it a rest.