Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day one down...so many to go

I found this great website...www.coolrunning.com It is perfect for people like me....it teaches you how to be a runner when you are definately not a runner. I started day one today and at the end of 8 weeks it takes you from "couch to 5k". I am sort of modifying it because it is so hot outside I refuse to run at 5 in the morning or in 100* weather. So I am doing this on the elliptical. So today I had to walk briskly for 5 minutes then alternate between running for 1 minute and walking for 1 1/2 minutes. I have to admit it wasn't terrible. I mean I do hate to exercise. I hate to sweat and breath faster than normal. So both those things occured today (Neil keeps telling me that is suppose to happen). The nice thing with this program is that I didn't over do it and I have definate goals to work on. It also made it a little more interesting for me. I am so super super bored when I work out. I turned on the t.v. (watched part of the super cheesy Saturday's Warrior's) while I watched the stopwatch. It helped that I had to keep changing the stopwatch....if not I would have be so bored I would have quit. I need to charge the ol' IPOD and get some good music it on it for Thursdays jog (you're suppose to skip a day)...tomorrow I will go back to my Pilates video that I love (no sweating involved). Wish me luck...that I won't die of boredom!


EarlGirl said...

I have to play old-school x-box games while i'm on the treadmill. It's the only way i can make myself do it.

Linz said...

Good luck!! Oh - I made a cd for you! I'll bring it by tonight or tomorrow!

Marleen said...

I am in a love hater relationship with the whole exercise thing. Because of that I got myself a rebounder...Okay, stop laughing. It really is easy and when I am consistent with it my body gets super toned. Which reminds me I should start up with it again. Take a looksie, cellercise.com

There are other rebounds out there that are cheaper but that one is by far the best I have used.