Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheap Summer Fun

We spend so much money on toys...and what do they really want to play with? Something that isn't a toy. This summer the boys were bored bored bored. So I got out a bag of plastic cups. They had a great time. They ended up using all my plastic cups. Then Brooke and her friends got in on the fun. These cups kept them entertained for 3 days...until I finally made them put them away. The last tower was the tall one Brooke and her friends are in front of. They wanted to see how long it would stay standing, but I was a little tired of it greeting guests at the front door and crashing down (very loud with plastic cups on wood floor). So down it came and I am sure we will get them out again when we are having another "I'm Bored" day!


Linz said...

I may never buy toys again. Great idea!